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Copyright materials for the VLE, Autumn 08

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To comply with the CLA directives, staff are now required to request from the library a scanned copy of copyright material.

Before you start, some things to bear in mind:

  • Is there an e-version available through our current subs? Not currently easy to find out, but as of Jan 09, Goldsmiths will have an Ex Libris product called SFX (which should be up and running by Christmas) which will establish in a single search whether or not we have electronic access to a particular journal article.
  • If you find that we do subscribe to the article and decide to circumvent the scanning by linking to the article on the third party subscription site – do make sure that your students know how to obtain and use an Athens account. They will need this. More information

Bekky from the Library adds: “Please note: some materials are only accessible on campus” and also

“We no longer use Athens at all now. you can use your goldsmiths log in for most e-books and journals (off-campus access is proving tricky for some people, though SFX makes the process a lot easier).

I don’t scan anything that is already subscribed to digitally, it’s duplication of effort, and the digital version can at least be pretty much guaranteed to be defacement free! When asked for stuff that’s already available, I give the requester details of how to get to the digital version and they can post a link on the VLE.”


Written by Mira Vogel

September 19, 2008 at 14:23

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