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learn.gold and more – drop-in sessions for staff

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Drop-in sessions to find out about learn.gold, Mahara and other learning technologies, including e-voting, multimedia for learning, designing online peer learning, deterring and detecting plagiarism, e-assessment and feedback, conferencing and more.

Around Goldsmiths, learn.gold, its portfolio and group-work counterpart Mahara, and other technologies are being used for:

• Conversations and debates
• Tutor and peer feedback on assessment
• Surveying and polling
• Collaboration and peer learning
• Presenting in different media
• Meeting and conferencing
• Tutors setting, collecting, assessing and feeding back on work
• Building portfolios
• Deterring and detecting plagiarism
• Organising and communicating
• Representing courses online
• Making resources available
• And much more

We are here to help you get started or become more advanced and ambitious.

We know that colleagues are very resourceful, but some of you have told us that you feel you are muddling through. We can help you save time and effort, future-proof your course areas, find not-so-obvious short cuts, and reconceive activities to take advantage of the online environment.

If you have any questions about learn.gold, Mahara or other learning technologies, or if you’d like to meet up with us to discuss ideas, organising sessions for your department, or to plan a new initiative, come and see us.

N.b. we’re varying the weekly times to improve colleagues’ opportunities. Please see the Goldsmiths Events Calendar for ongoing dates.

See the Goldsmiths Events Calendar for dates and times.

Written by Mira Vogel

December 22, 2010 at 17:41

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