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Cool-er – the iPod moment for e-readers?

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The Cool-er reader by Interead should be on the UK market on June 1st.

Looks nice – at 8000 page turn battery life it’s much better power management than my iLiad and cheaper too. It also supports a broader range of languages than most readers. However so far the reviewers don’t seem interested in the functions which academic reading requires, and which the iLiad at least partly addresses.

So, I’d love to tell you about note taking, book-marking and cross referencing, but I can’t.

We’ll have to wait for somebody to update MobileRead’s e-Book Reader Matrix or Wikipedia’s list of readers.

P.S. the iLiad can look pretty funky if like me you carry it around in a hot pink leatherette cover.

Written by Mira Vogel

May 26, 2009 at 10:52

Posted in technologies

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  1. A German company is planning to release a reader in Europe in October & they seem to want to target academic market: http://reader.txtr.com/ with a sync online platoform.
    So far I have only seen German reviews (for full functionality), I’ll translate and report back.

    Sonja Grussendorf

    May 28, 2009 at 16:56

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