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march of the digital native

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March of the digital native

Joan – Coalition for Networked Info

Physical library doesn’t fit with the lifestyle of younger users – worrying for academic librarians


  • 1982-91
  • AND grew up with the stuff
  • aka (Pew Internet and American Life) DotNets, Gen Y etc
  • always connected, multi-tasking, group orientated, experiential, visual, producers and consumers, visual rather than textual.

After netgens

  • Screenager

Deeper learning

  • social, active, contextual, engaging, student-owned (Carmean and Haefner, Mind Over Matter, Educause)

Students are connected

  • ECAR Study (2007) of Undergrad Students and INformation Technology.
  • 18-24 are only group who would give up tv and radio before the internet (stunning ignorance of other groups)
  • Lee Rainie ‘Digital Natives Invade the Workplace’ – Pew

Mixed about social aspects

  • 18-25 yo 67% say it makes you more isolated, 64% say it makes you closer to friends and family

Multitasking to REM and Van Morrison involves doing nothing but watching their gig.

Erika something ‘The Personal Media Revolution’

Technology skills

  • but tutors are more interesting in “instilling in students  the art of a flow of argment”
  • Gutenberg-e project – “needed editorial and technical help at every stage” (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Henry Jenkins of MIT on what it is important to teach to students

  • simulation – to create dynamic models
  • appropriation to remix etc.

Rethinking teaching services and environments

  • PRS – CLicker Pilot (look at this more)
  • Dartmouth Centre for Research, Writing and IT
  • George Mason – tools for digital scholarship in History
  • Pennsylvania – IT social bookmarking service
  • UMass – Learning / Information Commons – group work areas
  • U Stanford – Teamspot
  • Georgia Tech – practice presentation room

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April 4, 2008 at 12:20

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