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downloading them all… a query

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Further to a question from Computing: 42 of my students submitted their assignment work electronically to the course page of CIS224.
Can I download all their assignments to a directory in one go?
I sent this:Dear DM,

There isn’t a straightforward way yet, but there are ways.

To download a given student’s submissions in one go, go to “Files” under “Administration” block, there you will see a folder named “moddata”. There’s an “assignment” folder inside “moddata”. Go in further and you will find various folders with numbers as their names. They contain all the students’ submissions according to assignments. You just need to find the one that you need and save the files, or zip and then download. (In order to match the student to the number you’d need to do something like hover your pointer over the icon for the given student in order to find their unique identifier, and then search for this in Files > moddata > assignment.

To download all submissions to a given Assignment at once, there are some Moodle add-on modules we could consider. We will have to think about doing so if the number of people using Assignments continues to increase, because one-click download would be vastly convenient.

One solution for now is the Firefox extension Download Them All – recommended on the Moodle Forums. I tried it and it is fine (you have to set up filters to just download the *.zip, *.pdf, *.txt etc) although there duplicate naming conflicts necessitating renaming files – this is potentially quite time consuming because presumably you want the filename to reflect the student identity in some way.

So to use DownloadThemAll in future and make things easy for you as tutor, ideally you’d require students to incorporate their student number and optionally surname into the filename (i.e. make it unique), and also that they upload in a given format so you can easily set up the DownloadThemAll filter.

I do hope this helps – I have added your query to a list of issues in learn.gold. Please let us know how this suits us and call with any further queries.




Written by Sonja Grussendorf

February 11, 2008 at 11:44

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